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How is the YouTube rating calculated?

1st. The youtube rating of a cover song is calculated and influenced by all likes and dislikes that it receivces on youtube. Each youtube like will be counted with a rating of 4 and each disklike will be counted with a rating of 1. 2nd. There is also a second rating attribute that we measure that is called the favorite count and which rates the video with a 5. The favorite count attribute specifies the number of YouTube users who have added a video to their list of favorite videos. 3rd. All these numbers are sumed and weighted, then divided by the amount of the total votes. 4th. In a next step we also measure the total YouTube views a cover song received. This is the so called "View Trust Factor" which is measured (1+(1/1000000000)*YouTube Views).5th. This numbers wrapped up lead to the final outcome.

Example: A song on youtube received 100 likes and 10 dislikes and has 7 favorite counts. The youtube overall rating would be [ ( 100 x 4 + 10 x 1 + 7 x 5 ) / 117 ] leading to a youtube rating of 3.803418. The song als got viewed by 10.000 people what leads to a calculation of 3.803418 * (1+(1/1000000000)*10000) and a total outcome of 3.803798.

How is a song calculated in the mycoversong charts?

Actually it is you and the audience out there in the world wide web who is rating a song. Below every cover music video that you see here on you will find a number/rating between 1 - 5, whereas 1 would be the worse and 5 would be the best possible rating. The arithmetic average of the given ratings leads to the mycoversong rating.

Example: A song on mycoversong is rated by a person with a 2. Another person rates the song with a 3 and a third person also rates it with a 3. The outcome would be: [ ( 1 x 2 + 1 x 3 + 1 x 3 ) / 3 ] = 2,66.

How do you get the youtube data?

Youtube offers a so called API to web developers. This makes it possible to see and analyse data for each video posted on youtube. The data sets include for example information about the amount of views, the likes and dislikes a video received and much more information.

Do you monitor in real-time?

Yes we do! Our system checks all submitted cover songs every single minute and every time someone is watching a specific cover song here on